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View Switcher Link

If you navigate to Item411 on a mobile device, the default views are specifically designed for a mobile device. These mobile views are necessary for many of the smaller mobile devices. Trying to see a full desktop browser view of Item411 on a small mobile device is impractical.

Here is the default mobile view of the Item Search search page as seen on a tablet:

However, there are times when a full desktop view of Item411 is preferred. Many mobile cell phone devices are becoming larger and with the popularity of tablets growing, we wanted to give our customers a choice of which view they preferred.

Note that in the above screen shot in the top left corner the text 'Displaying mobile view' followed by a 'Desktop view' link.

Clicking the 'Desktop view' link will open the full desktop view of Item411 as seen here on an iPad:

The view switcher link for the desktop view is located in the upper center portion of the header.

Which ever view you prefer, we will remember it on your next visit and show your preferred view until you change it.

Please Note: The View Switcher Link will not be available on all pages! Pages with posted data such as a search results list will not have the link for security reasons. Bid Wizard, Price Plans, Options and Reports are excluded due to the amout of information required to perform these functions.